Personal data

All data and information that can be attributed to you is personal data.
The personal data we process is typically obtained from you in connection with registering for an event, opting to receive updates about new articles and events, requesting materials or otherwise contacting us. More details follow below.
Strator A/S  is the data controller for the information collected and ensures that the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time. This processing is presented briefly below.


We store all data and documentation in digital form through cloud-based technology.
For cloud-based technologies, the Danish Center for Cyber Security states that, as a rule of thumb, you should choose large, reputable technology vendors if you are unable to conduct a thorough security assessment yourself. We have followed the advice and carefully selected the technologies listed below.

Recording information

When contacting us by phone, email or contact / registration forms on Strator’s website, the information you have given us will be recorded. The purpose of the registration is to be able to communicate with you, deliver and invoice.
We record the information you provide, which will typically be name, place of work, work address, e-mail, phone number, and job function.
In addition, we update our CRM system with information regarding consents, which of our materials you have requested, notes on professional conversations, and central mails etc.
In our document management and collaborative system, we store our offers, sales, projects, and delivery documentation before, during and after the delivery, for the purpose of knowing your company and our common history as well as possible, and to be able to professionally support the delivered at any time. Therein, your name and contact information can appear.

Insight, rectification, and deletion

If you want insight into the information we process about you, if you want to correct information you believe to be incorrect, if you want your information deleted, or if you wish to withdraw consent, you simply have to contact us at We will answer, correct, or delete as quickly as possible. Deletion will happen to the extent we can and may in respect of other rules (e.g. the accounting law). 

Sharing with a third party

We do not share or resell the collected and stored data with third parties.
In the context of advice and audit, information may be part of the material reviewed for us.
In the context of using external consultants or partners, we may disclose individual information, such as contact information, with the purpose of enabling the concerned to perform his task. The person in question will work under Strator’s instruction and guidelines.

Questions and complaints

If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data or are dissatisfied with it, please fell free to contact us.