Strator is founded on solid knowledge of document management and technology, and an urge to share that knowledge, bringing it to life, making a difference to professional work with digital documents. Strator is about providing good solutions with good data, and receiving the satisfaction of a job well done.

All about relationships

Over the years we have been blessed with long-term customer relationships, with a deeply felt mutual respect, flexibility and near-collegiality. We have seen how much relationship and collaboration impacts productivity and results and over time, this have become an integral part of our DNA.


Customer’s interests at heart

Trustful and pleasant relations

Professional generosity

Strator is a Danish company founded in 2008 by Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen, and managed by Nikolaj Vibede.

Nikolaj Vibede

Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen

Claus Bo Bonde

Laust Peter Laustsen

Rikke Neerup Poulsen

Sebastian Kjær

Jonas Kristiansen

Laura Kristiansen