Moving and handling electronic documents

Wether you call it migration, import, archiving, or transfer, it is all a matter of moving large volumes of documents from one place to another. At Strator, we typically get involved when things start go get more complicated and overwhelming, and copy/paste is no longer sufficient.

When you need large volumes of documents moved from A to B and the process involves sorting, selecting, cleaning up, organising, and classifying – That’s where we can help!

Our team is comprised of experts in document management, technology and testing. Combined with hand-picked expert tools, our best practices and regulatory training, they make up the backbone of our solutions.


An automated and consistent import will be efficient, controlled, and compliant. Preparation of your data to ensure structure and data quality.

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Protect document integrity, ensure data quality, document secrecy and compliance when documents are moved from one system to another.

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Take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity and accessibility of the documents and data during long-term storage.

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