Technology independent

At Strator we work independently of software providers and document management system vendors. We have a set of preferred tools, which allow us to interface to almost any document management platform and technology. We are used to working with a variety of applications and can adapt our approach to fit your project.

Migration-center for document transfers

Our preferred tool for document transfers (migration, import, archiving), is migration-center from fme A/G. This will be our tool of choice and recommendation in most cases. Migration-center has a very robust and well-proven core engine and an extensive range of connectors to various platforms and systems. It provides all the functionalities needed for extracts, scan, transformation, and data enrichment. An essential parts of every import, migration, or archiving project. It has a very detailed tracking and reporting engine, allowing us to report and validate all actions performed.

At Strator we have an in-depth knowledge of the tool, both server- and client-side, enabling us to work efficient and competent.

Other in-depth competences

Many of our past projects and experiences have been on the OpenText Documentum platform and we therefore have a significant in-depth knowledge of this platform.

Similarly, we have an extensive technical knowledge of the Adlib PDF Enterprise Platform.